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marie bilodeau

About Marie

Marie lived a life of heroic virtue,  and was unconditionally devoted to her children and family. She had a strong faith in God and spent much of her time at her parish All Saints Catholic Church in Woonsocket, where she volunteered each week by running the food pantry - serving many who were poorer than she. Marie lost her husband Jean in her 40's, and alone raised her two youngest children during their teenage years. Her positive attitude, generosity and humor left most people who came in contact with her unaware of the extent of her debilitating illness. Marie lived through multiple heart attacks, kidney failure, lung calcification and major surgeries on her legs and lungs, required dialysis 3 times a week, and went everywhere with an oxygen tank. Marie motivated and encouraged her children to be the best they could be. She was the perfect example for them to follow, and was their hero. Read some of her quotes here

We all thought my Mom, with her diseased legs, was limping through life. We were wrong. The entire time she was actually running to heaven.

Ryan Bilodeau
Marie's Son