marie bilodeau

Quotes by Marie

    I know God has chosen me for a reason and He wants me to stay alive for some special reason and every time I end up with another major thing I get sad for a day or two and just say God is right there with me. That is the only reason I cope. I look at it one day I will be where sickness is not allowed and that's where I want to be. God up in heaven ... is the only one that knows everything and wants you to know Him and He is going to keep prompting you till He wins cause you are special.

    Marie Bilodeau
    On being chosen to suffer

    God allows some people to suffer more, believe it or not because He loves you a lot and wants you to be with him for an eternity and the only way you will do that is to have a personal relationship with God. When you suffer from an illness you should offer it up for some cause like all the babies that were aborted in this world.

    Marie Bilodeau
    On suffering in the world